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About Us

Founder, CEO
Derev Clara Kösedağ

DECLARA was founded in 2019 by Derev Clara Kösedağ for women to express themselves in the best way they can with designs that emphasize power and elegance.

As every woman is different and special, DECLARA offers a more unique and personal experience through its designs. Specifically, designs with outstanding colors aims to reflect the intricacy of our feelings.


Inspiration Psychedelic art movement, which depicts the soul with a surreal expression, is often associated with chaos and extremism experienced today, and inspires the brand’s new elaborate and colorful collection. Chaotic lines and intense colors that dominate the collection overall, especially stand out on jackets. Patterned hats complement checkered-patterned accessories and scrunchies. Handmade beadwork and embroidery details accentuate the designs that depict emotions and make the plaided-patterned bomber jackets in men’s collection more unique.