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Declara has a 15-day return policy. If you are not pleased with the product you have purchased, you can return it within 15 days of your delivery date. You can send your request for return to Only the requests that are sent to this e-mail address will be taken into consideration.

The product that you wish to return must have all of its accessories intact, be in is original packaging/box and unused and have all of its labels attached. The product must be in the same condition as it was delivered. Product must be sent with a receipt or a document that constitutes an evidence for purchasing transaction. You will be notified when the returned products are received by us. Declara reserves the right reject refund if such product does not meet policy conditions. If the return is approved, the money will be refunded to your account within 15 days.


You can exchange your product within 15 days of your delivery. The same conditions as those of return are applicable for exchange.

If you need to exchange a product, please send an e-mail to for further information. All of the taxes and costs that will be incurred due to exchange and returns shall be borne by the customer. Return and exchange shipping cost shall be borne by the customer.

You need to send your product to the below-mentioned address for returns and exchanges: Adnan Kahveci Mah. Harbiye Cad.Sirin Sanayi Sitesi No:19/A-1Beylikdüzü 34528 İstanbul/Turkey. Declara family does not assume responsibility for items lost during shipping due to return and exchange. Shipping costs which may be incurred due to return and exchange shall be borne by the customer and it cannot be claimed from Declara.

Please read the below statements before visiting If there is any condition that is indicated on this page and is not applicable for you, please do not visit Visiting the website and filling in the form where your personal information will be asked implies that you have agreed to the conditions written on these pages in advance. reserves the right to modify the general and special conditions stated below anytime they wish to. It is important that you visit this page again when you visit so that you can review the terms of membership and use which may change.

1 Terms of Use and Security is a public website. Services offered to all of the members are free of charge except for Premium Membership or unless otherwise specified. Website administration can ban a member from using the website under below-stated conditions and reserves its legal rights with regard to a person or persons which get involved in following actions.

1.a. If one records information that contains wrong, irregular, incomplete and misleading expressions which are against the general code of ethics and that are not in line with the laws of Republic of Turkey, on the website.
1.b. If one copies partially or completely works and content that are broadcast on the website and uses or attempts to use such works and content for different purposes.
1.c. If a member discloses the information that is provided to members or that they create themselves such as username and password to third persons or establishments, such MEMBER shall be directly responsible (also for malicious use of their password by other people). Likewise, MEMBER, on the internet environment, cannot use IP address, electronic mail address, username and other information that belongs to other people and cannot have unauthorized access to or cannot use private information of other users. MEMBER assumes liability for any legal and penal liability that may arise from such use.
1.d. If one uses software, performs or attempts to perform actions that pose a threat to general security of the website and that may prevent operation of the website and software used and retrieves, deletes and changes information.
1.e. If it is detected by that a Member/User has been abusing campaigns, sales system or the website of by damaging, getting unfair advantage, engaging in repetitive practices and exploiting campaigns and sales conditions through unreal actions and despite not meeting desired conditions of campaign or sales by way of making use of any bug (technical etc.) in the sales system or website of and campaigns, shall have the right to cancel mentioned operations, terminate membership of the user and terminate the sales agreement unilaterally and immediately besides all of the legal rights of

2 Use of Content

2.a. Visual and written content presented on is for personal use. All of the rights of all statements, graphics, images, videos, animations and sounds that are broadcast on are reserved. They cannot be used without permission and referencing for commercial or personal purposes unless otherwise specified. It is illegal to broadcast or link any item that is broadcast on this website on any other medium or website without permission of
2.b. It is absolutely illegal to copy or use software that is used for design and database of these pages and all rights of which are reserved by is open to any criticism. All of the criticisms that are communicated to our website are considered as our property and can be used for marketing purposes.

3 Responsibilities

3a. The data of users who visit (duration and time of visit, pages viewed) is traced so that we can provide better service to them. Such data is disclosed to companies with whom we collaborate in terms of advertisement etc. for the purpose of enriching and improving our content on condition that principles of confidentiality are abided by. Our purpose is to ensure that our website has the qualities that you fancy and is being improved.
3.b. Once a member of completes registration and approves their electronic mail address, they can starting using the website by entering their electronic mail address and password on condition that they abide by the conditions which are set out in this agreement.
3.c. Member agrees to complying with Turkish Penal Code, Turkish Trade Law, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Legislative Decrees and legal regulations that are related to Protection of Brand and Patent Rights, Liabilities Law and provisions of other relevant legislations and any announcement and notification shall broadcast with regard to its service while they use the website and its services. Member assumes any legal, penal and financial liability which may arise due to use that violates such notifications and laws.
3.e. Member cannot behave in a way that would prevent other members and visitors from using or intervene with their use of and cannot overburden/jam servers or databases by installing automatic programs. They cannot attempt to trick or mislead data. Otherwise, their membership shall be terminated and they shall assume any legal and penal responsibility which may arise from such situation.
3.f. It is under the responsibility of other party to backup correspondence with and it is recommended by cannot be held responsible for correspondence lost, deleted and damaged due to failure to back up.
3.g. Member cannot delete or omit notes regarding the scope of Copyright, Trade Mark and any Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works on any material that has been copied from or printed through printer from
3.h. A customer can cancel their membership and delete their accounts over A user who cancel their membership shall be unauthorized to access the website. A person who cancels their membership accepts that it is irretrievable.
3.i. has the right to delete any record that belongs to the account of the member whose membership has been terminated either by or the member herself/himself. Member cannot claim any right or damages with regard to such deleted records.
3.j. Members of the website are responsible for their relationships with one another or third persons.
3.k. Likewise, visitors click on the links (used to direct members towards other websites), which are broadcast on this website in order to provide information and convenience to visitors, at their own risk.
3.l. is entitled to using entire data that is related to your membership for its own marketing purposes on condition that it will abide by terms of use, principles of confidentiality and applicable legal regulations.
3.m. Section-specific different rules and obligations can be indicated on certain parts of the website. People and establishments that use such sections are deemed to have agreed to such rules in advance.
3.n. For further information regarding principles and practices that are related to protecting confidentiality of membership data, please visit “Confidentiality Agreement” page. MEMBER accepts that once they start using the service, they will be deemed to have agreed to all of the provisions of this participation agreement and the agreement shall be binding upon them. MEMBER shall fully compensate for any damage that may be incurred to due to their failure to fulfill any obligation that they undertake by accepting the terms of this agreement hereby and has the right to recourse fully to the MEMBER any damages and/or administrative/judicial penalty which they may have to pay to governmental bodies and/or third persons due to such member’s failure to abide by the terms of this agreement.

Rights and Responsibilities of

4.a. accepts and undertakes that the member shall be able to take advantage of the services which constitute the subject of this agreement unless there is technical failure and that the information other than the personal information the member discloses will not be disclosed to third persons or establishments unless it is required by law. If it is detected that a member has been involved in any electronic sabotage that would hinder operation of the website, attempt to intervene with profits and/or attacks or if Official bodies file a criminal complaint or request an official interrogation about the member, shall be entitled to investigating and disclosing identity information of the relevant member.
4.b. may modify this agreement hereby unilaterally without sending any notification in order to ensure continuity of the services that it undertakes. is always entitled to suspending, altering the content of or terminating unilaterally the service that it provides temporarily or permanently without any justification. Member accepts such decision in advance. shall broadcast the renewed and current terms of use again under the same link on its website and by updating the date and shall inform the member via electronic mail if it deems it necessary. Renewed current terms of use shall be applicable once they are broadcast on and use of the website or its services shall be bound by such renewed terms of use instantly. Membership of a member who has sent materials that violate the provisions of this agreement hereby to the website can be terminated by unilaterally without any notice.
4.c. Member/User shall be deemed to have approved any commercial electronic message that will be sent by to them once they read and accept these terms of membership and use hereby. In this regard, Member/User agrees that can send electronic message to them for informative, marketing and/or advertising purposes by means of automatic dialing systems such as fax, electronic mail, short messages without any personal intervention and without getting any other permission from the Member/User. Member/User can unsubscribe from such electronic messages, which are within the scope of these terms of use, anytime and without any justification and sending such request to by calling or via contact information that is stated in the message would suffice. will make sure that members can communicate their request to unsubscribe to them conveniently and free of charge and will comply with the request immediately after receiving the same.

Enforcement of the Agreement

Member agrees to the conditions indicated in this agreement hereby and this agreement hereby enters into force once such member completes registration. Agreement shall become invalid automatically without any further notice if membership is terminated or one of the conditions that leads to termination occurs.

Competent Court and Settlement of Disputes

Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices shall have jurisdiction in settlement of disputes which may arise from execution of this agreement.

Notification Addresses

7.a. The website does not require their members to state their mail addresses in advance. However, the e-mail address that the member states to is accepted as the electronic mail via which legal address shall be requested for any notification that will be sent with regard to this agreement.
7.b. Parties accept that requests sent to former e-mails shall be valid and will be deemed to have been sent to them unless they inform the other party in written of any change in their current e-mails within 3 (three) days.
7.c. Again, any notification that will be sent by to the registered e-mail address of the member shall be deemed to have been received by the member 1 (one) day after it is sent by MEMBER states, accepts and undertakes that they have read, understood and agreed to all of the articles that are set out in this participation agreement and that they confirm the accuracy of the information that they have provided with regard to themselves.